Doing business in the fashion industry is not just about brilliant designs. It’s also about protecting the assets of your mind and ensuring you don’t make one of the biggest fashion faux pas by leaving your designs and business unprotected.

Law is something that has dominion over every industry and fashion is no exception. Fashion law has developed using a combination of several legal concepts, including intellectual property (IP) law, IT law, social media law, ethics, business and contracts. It covers not just the fashion industry, but creative professions at large.

SA Fashion Law offers a bespoke service tailored to the challenges of each business; which includes drafting of contracts, intellectual property protection, dealing with infringements, etc. The entities we service include fashion, entertainment, photography, film, theatre, media, PR, etc.

The aim of SA Fashion Law is to bring formality to business transactions whilst affording access to legal protection, thereby ensuring the evolution of the South African fashion industry in the most efficient style.